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Retaining walls, terraces & pondsIf you have a property that has a hilly area, you may want to consider a retaining wall or terrace. Hills erode rapidly and in order to prevent this, it is often necessary to take action. We can build a retaining wall using precast concrete, river rock or large boulders that hold the soil.

It is important not to overwhelm the property so often a terraced effect is more desirable. This will eliminate erosion and allows the home builder to grow shrubs, trees, flowers and vegetables in an efficient manner used by people all over the world.

If you are one of those individuals who yearn for the energy field created by water, we can install a lovely water landscape that appeals to all of your senses. The sound of water flowing is soothing and will absorb the stress of our high speed lifestyle.

Patios and pergolasIf you would like a sense of continuity between your inner living quarters and your outdoor living space, we can create it. Traditionally, patios and courtyards are used extensively in warm climates as a family retreat. While we do not live in a warm climate, a beautiful patio privatized by a vine-covered pergola is a dream that is easily realized.

This space can be connected to other areas of the property with lovely brick walkways that eliminate the traditionally cumbersome and messy gravel so often utilized. In the shaded areas, this walkway can be bordered with lily of the valley, ferns and violets.

The days of ugly, oil stained and cracked driveways are gone!

If you appreciate a dramatic entrance, we can create one with decorative concrete, stamped concrete or beautiful brick pavers. A lovely border of flowers or shrubs can be added to enhance the overall curb appeal of your home.

Enviromentally friendly disposal and demolition is imperative and a priority for Courtyard Landscape. As experts in residential and commercial demolition we take the necessary steps to ensure that the demolition project is done efficiently, safely and with mother nature in mind. Recycling of valuable natural products from all demolition projects, as well as the relocation and transplanting of trees and other plants are a part of our mission and approach in business and in life.

Landscape Services, GardenYour garden is an extension of you and your living area. A tranquil place where you can relax and enjoy.  It's beauty and natural environment correlate with healthy living and peace of mind.


Whether you want a patio that is made of patio stones or imprinted concrete,
your choices now are almost infinite. Gone are the days of dingy, gray
concrete and single choice brick. Now, the limits are only circumscribed by
your own imagination. To fuel your ideas, we can suggest an array of designs
in patio stones or in concrete.

One choice is to walk around your neighborhood and see what the more
established neighbors have done. Five to ten year old developments will
often have all of their landscaping in place. This will enable you to choose
a type of patio stone. You may want to create a back yard that is very
private with a dog run and a children's play park. Perhaps you just want a
sanctuary where you can read, dream or just relax. Many individuals are
eliminating grass and going to an entire patio stone/gravel and pea stone
installation with raised flower and vegetable beds. This will put an end to
the Saturday morning mower and weed whacker.

You may want an entire unsightly driveway replaced with interlocking pavers.
Many driveways from the seventies, eighties and earlier are just unsightly.
Patio pavers are also perfect for stone barbecues, driveways, walkways and
fire circles. Weathering is not a problem as these patio stones will deepen
their hue over time.


Paving Stones-Roman Charcoal

Desert Buff
Paving Stones- Desert Buff

Rustic (Tan/Charcoal)
  Paving Stones- Rustic

Calgary Paving Stones- Courtyard Landscape Ltd.

Paving Stones- Grey

Northern (Red/Charcoal)

Paving Stones- Northern Red Charcoal

Holland, Roman Holland & Holland Accent

Double Holland &
Roman Double Holland

Smooth, Slate &
Roman Tilestone

Rocky Mountain &
Roman Rocky Mountain

Cobble & Roman Cobble

Roman Euro





StackStone & RomanStack Fire Pits

Prepackaged fire pit kits include 25” grill and installation instructions. Inside diameter 25” / outside diameter 42”.

StackStone and RomanStack fire pits can also be constructed to accommodate a 42” diameter hinged grill. These larger fire pits are ideal for larger back yards and acreages.

Concrete designs are also available for tired driveways and backyards. In
fact, concrete is now being used for store flooring, countertops, patios and
entryways. Concrete can now be stamped, dyed, painted and enhanced in so
many ways that you will forget that it is actually still concrete. In terms
of cost effectiveness, it is just excellent.

For all your patio stone and decorative concrete needs, we would be pleased
to discuss your dreams and make them a reality.

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