• Courtyard Landscape | 403-617-2273
  • Courtyard Landscape | 403-617-2273
  • Courtyard Landscape | 403-617-2273
  • Courtyard Landscape | 403-617-2273
  • Courtyard Landscape | 403-617-2273
  • Courtyard Landscape | 403-617-2273
  • Courtyard Landscape | 403-617-2273

Calgary Landscape Construction and Design- Full Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Services | Snow Removal-Courtyard Landscape Ltd.


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Wouldn't it be great to come home from a long day at work and see your perfectly manicured lawn gleaming back at you? No effort on your part...all the work and care is done by Courtyard Landscape. Whether you are a home owner or Business, Courtyard has the experience and team dedicated to all your landscaping needs!

Courtyard provides the following services:

  • Landscape Design and Architecture
  • Commercial and Residential Lawn Care and Maintenance
  • Tree Removal and Planting
  • Lawn seeding and sod placement
  • Retaining walls and Patios
  • Landscape Construction Services
  • Ponds and Fountains
  • Snow Removal, sanding and yearly contracts

There is no question that good landscaping is an enticement to purchase a house. A lovely yard shows care and can add to the square footage of a living space as the exterior living space creates a natural continuum to the interior. From a purely economic perspective, a beautifully landscaped yard is as valuable as a lovely kitchen and bathroom.

The love of a garden is eternal. Many people who left gardens that they cared passionately about miss those gardens years and years later. It has become part of their soul and they yearn so deeply that they have to re-create their space somewhere else.

Mature trees create a huge attraction for people from other parts of Canada like Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes and British Columbia. This is why people will move into an older neighborhood and do extensive renovations.

They want to be near the trees.

It is important to remember that trees, shrubs and flower beds need care.

The clay-like soil of Calgary and surrounding areas is not conducive to rapid growth. Like a child, trees and shrubs can only thrive with nourishment. This is why soil dressing and outright removal of exhausted soil is often necessary. The addition of fertilizer, vermiculite and other substances that allow the soil to breathe and feed is essential to continued survival. Above all, these living entities need water but not too much water. Overwatering is a huge source of destruction of shrubs and flowers.

Hybrid lilacs, trembling aspen, Swedish aspen, Saskatoon bushes, rowan trees (Mountain Ash), raspberries, cotoneaster, tamarack, Brandon elms and spruce all add color and variety to a landscape. In recent years, some species typical to the West coast such as chestnut trees and hydrangea have survived in protected areas. There are even some Quebec maples that have thrived in Calgary but mass survival is often iffy. Our high altitude and gardening under the Chinook arch with the attendant freeze-thaw cycle presents some distinct challenges.

Whatever your preference, we would love to help. Call us for a friendly discussion and a quote. We are always happy to be of service.

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